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Delhi World School

Delhi World School is one of the very few top CBSE schools in Shadnagar. We are the future of learning. Our innovative learning spaces will enhance students' learning abilities. We give utmost importance to the co-curricular activities besides the academics, making DWS one of the top schools that give equal preference to both education and co-curricular activities. You may not find a better place than Delhi World School in Shadnagar and its surroundings.

DWS has facilities that are on par with international schools. Kindergarten, Primary and Senior students will be having sufficient facilities, which are designed to meet their every requirement. The best-in-class infrastructure allows our students the luxury of choosing from an array of outdoor activities and sports.

We have already shaped the future of thousands of our students, and now we invite your child for an inspiring learning experience at Delhi World School Shadnagar. Parents who are located in and around Shadnagar can straightaway reach us to see the campus and discuss everything in detail.
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Delhi World School in Shadnagar

A beacon of excellence in education and a pioneer among CBSE schools in the region. As one of the very few top CBSE schools in Shadnagar, we redefine the future of learning with our innovative educational spaces designed to enhance students' learning abilities.

CBSE School Admission Near Shadnagar Hyderabad

Seeking admission in a CBSE school near Shadnagar, Hyderabad? Look no further. Delhi World School in Shadnagar offers a seamless admission process. For details on admission procedures, fees, and more, contact us at our dedicated admission number +91 6305 777 147, +91 6305773 969 or visit our campus to discuss everything in detail.

Best CBSE Schools in Shadnagar

Delhi World School stands out as one of the best CBSE schools in Shadnagar. We prioritize a balanced approach to education, placing equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities. Our commitment to excellence has made us a preferred choice for parents seeking the top 10 CBSE schools near Shadnagar.

International Schools in Shadnagar

Experience facilities on par with international standards at Delhi World School in Shadnagar. Our infrastructure caters to the needs of students across kindergarten, primary, and senior levels. The array of outdoor activities and sports options allows students to choose from a diverse range of engaging experiences.

Delhi World School CBSE Board

As a CBSE-affiliated school, Delhi World School in Shadnagar adheres to the highest standards of education set by the CBSE board. Our curriculum and teaching methodologies are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Inspiring Learning Experience

Join us at Delhi World School in Shadnagar for an inspiring learning experience. We have already shaped the futures of thousands of students. Parents in and around Shadnagar are encouraged to visit our campus, explore our facilities, and engage in detailed discussions about their child's educational future.

Apply for CBSE school admission near Shadnagar now and secure a bright future for your child.

Delhi World School Shadnagar – where education meets excellence


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