• ADMISSIONS 2019-20

Nurturing Leaders for Better Tomorrow

Experiential Learning Methodologies followed at Delhi World School will help your children to transform their  way of thinking

  • ADMISSIONS 2019-20

About Delhi World School

With above Twenty-Five years of expertise and excellence in delivering the quality education and shaping the minds of future Indian citizens, VIDYA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY has brought the Delhi World School at Hyderabad. The essence of True Education lies in the combination of Intelligence and Character. Based on this, we curved our educational system majorly on four prominent pillars Academics, Life Skills, Technology, and Values.

DWS is built to put up newer benchmarks in the field of education with a concept based CBSE curriculum majorly focusing on the complete development of a child future. The school draws its strength from the qualified, well-experienced and compassionate faculty, those who always strives to take out the inner talents of the children to make them shine. Our motto “Service before self” enhances our core values to lead your child every step of the way.

Learning Made Fun

The school, an association of traditional and modern systems of learning, deals in education that is modernized and relevant to our times. It engrosses what is relevant from the ever changing world by inculcating the understanding that expertise acquired without a proper system, may not be useful. It features a receptiveteaching that instills discipline with gratitude of the value of freedom amid the students. With the precise synthesis of ethics and modern age demands in shaping the future of every child is what exactly made DWS now. Excellence in addition with Experience is what actually makes a perfect Educational System. With a great education philosophy, we have built our school on four major pillars that pave the best way in blooming the careers of your little ones.


At DWS, we emphasize on close incorporation of online and off-line learning. Being one of the Best Schools in Hyderabad, we strongly believe that every child need some space to grow. To provide this, we have given our students the large and spacious AC classrooms. Our creative and classy classrooms provide a perfect environment….

We are the best central school in India to have computer aided teaching and learning through Smart Class by using Plasma Screens in all the classes. Through this Smart class program our teachers use exceptional digital resources such as Videos, Animation Clips, Diagrams, Graphs, Maps, Working models, Computer based recreations etc. ….

The DWS school library is a welcoming place for studying and reading. Our school library supports the students and even teachers by providing access to present, adequate and appropriate information resources. Our library inspires the love of reading and growth of student’s individual learning skills through exploring various books….

Computer education is a vital part of the CBSE curriculum at Delhi World School. Computer Labs with internet access are always updated with the latest software and hardware, which can accommodate around 50 students and all the students are made to learn the latest software applications and programming languages. Extremely qualified.

Science is imparted as an experimental subject at DWS. That means that the students spend most of their time in the laboratories keenly experiencing science, rather than passively having it taught to them by the teachers. The Science Lab at DWS provides an atmosphere of learning and experiencing science. It is a high-tech Science lab, which…

Fun room or the activity room is intended to make learning more fun and electrifying. Normally, students love this room as it has lots of toys and educational games. The idea of the activity room is about ‘Learn through play, in a completely different environment. The spacious fun room at Delhi World School, aids to unleash the creative splash…

The Audio Visual (AV) room is broadly used by the students and faculty to make presentations. To ensure long-lasting retention of what is taught, we make use of PowerPoint presentations and the Smart Board to improve student abilities and boost student-teacher interactions….

Our Sick Room is well equipped to deliver the First Aid to the bruised and ill persons. The DWS School is also having a full-time nurse to cater the needs of sick. General Check Up of every single student is done once in a year by the expert medical practitioners. Each student undergoes Ophthalmic and Dental checkups along with the student’s…

The Delhi World School has facilitated the best in class school transportation service, having in mind the safety and convenience of the students. Currently the school is having a good fleet of buses providing service to most of the neighborhoods in Hyderabad. As the bus ridership varies, the school adapts routes and we are having the expert drivers….

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Beyond Academics at DWS

  • Life Skills

    The flexibility of body and mental peace are the key benefits of normal yoga. Yoga is accepted internationally as one of the most active forms of exercise to empower the mental strength of a person

  • Arts & Crafts

    Art and Craft might appear theoretical but it is the one way of expressing your inner self. In order to teach the finer shades and aid children to realize their artistic spirits


    we not only aim at refining the academics but also wish the complete development of its students. DWS provides World-Class infrastructure for sports


    In addition to its tough academic CBSE curriculum, DWS, as one of the Best Schools in Hyderabad, offers a wide range of personality development activities, events, and programs that develop the complete student while raising a strong community spirit, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Gardening, Social Work, Cultural Training


    DWS firmly believes that the music is the echo of the soul and cherishes the mind and soul. Singing with other students helps them to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


    Education is not at all academics; it is all about preparing children to be peaceful rather than violent. With academics at the very core of Delhi World School, being of the Top Schools in Hyderabad, we have made a curriculum that embraces the biological, emotional, social and intellectual facets of learning revolved around the child.

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