At DWS, we emphasize on close incorporation of online and off-line learning. Being one of the Best Schools in Hyderabad, we strongly believe that every child need some space to grow. To provide this, we have given our students the large and spacious AC classrooms. Our creative and classy classrooms provide a perfect environment to make learning a pleasurable experience. Being one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, we are well-equipped with smart AC Campus with collaborative and digitalized teaching for active learning. Opportunities for innovative learning (beyond retrieving information) are the touch stone of the school’s IT curriculum.


We are the best central school in India to have computer aided teaching and learning through Smart Class by using Plasma Screens in all the classes. Through this Smart class program, our teachers use exceptional digital resources such as Videos, Animation Clips, Diagrams, Graphs, Maps, Working models, Computer based recreations etc. from the huge repository, while teaching the selected topic in the classroom empowering students to get a faster and a better knowledge of the concepts taught. Over the internet, teachers connect to info resources far beyond the physical limitations and carry the virtual world inside the walls thus increasing the knowledge base of practical learning.


The DWS school library is a welcoming place for studying and reading. Our school library supports the students and even teachers by providing access to present, adequate and appropriate information resources. Our library inspires the love of reading and growth of student’s individual learning skills through exploring various books. The library contains almost 10500 books, audio and video cassettes, CD-ROMS, that cover a panoramic range of subjects to satisfy the wish to learn and curiosity that is so natural to the kid and add to widening their experience of a library environment. The library stays up-to-date with the newest in the world and also subscribes to numerous periodicals and journals.


Delhi World School not only aims at refining the academics but also wishes the complete development of its students. DWS provides World-Class infrastructure for sports. Henceforth, the school brags of numerous sports activities like Karate, Cricket, Basketball, Yoga, Skating, Gymnastics, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho etc. which impart team spirit, co-operation, endurance, coordination, and strength in the students. The talented students have partaken in the state and national level sports competitions and have won numerous accolades.

Computer Lab

Computer education is a vital part of the CBSE curriculum at Delhi World School. Computer Labs with internet access are always updated with the latest software and hardware, which can accommodate around 50 students and all the students are made to learn the latest software applications and programming languages. Extremely qualified teachers impart their knowledge of computers and completely carve the students for the challenges of the computer age. A devoted broadband Internet connection in the laboratory provides Internet access to source websites for all educational materials. We also provide Digital Library Resources to the school communal.

Science Lab

Science is imparted as an experimental subject at DWS. That means that the students spend most of their time in the laboratories keenly experiencing science, rather than passively having it taught to them by the teachers. The Science Lab at DWS provides an atmosphere of learning and experiencing science. It is a high-tech Science lab, which can put up more than a hundred students. Our Science lab is greatly sophisticated and completely equipped to meet the CBSE curriculum requirements for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We have separate laboratories for these three subjects. All the labs are technologically modernized on a regular basis to be at par with the technical and scientific developments.

Dance Room

Fun Room

Fun room or the activity room is intended to make learning more fun and electrifying. Normally, students love this room as it has lots of toys and educational games. The idea of the activity room is about ‘Learn through play, in a completely different environment. The spacious fun room at Delhi World School, aids to unleash the creative splash in students and the pacifying ambience makes it a much sought after room. Amusement learning plays a vital role in the complete development of the students towards casting the thought process and values of life. All games are held as a part of the planned educational program.

AV Room

The Audio Visual (AV) room is broadly used by the students and faculty to make presentations. To ensure long-lasting retention of what is taught, we make use of PowerPoint presentations and the Smart Board to improve student abilities and boost student-teacher interactions. Computer assisted teaching sessions hold an exceptional place at DWS, which give our students the winning edge in an agile world. All the students will be given pleasure of learning numerous topics with the support of computers. Being best International School, we follow a research-oriented approach and conduct a frequent analysis of projects to help students to orient themselves with the fast changing necessities of the external world.

sick Room

Our Sick Room is well equipped to deliver the First Aid to the bruised and ill persons. The DWS School is also having a full-time nurse to cater the needs of sick. General Check Up of every single student is done once in a year by the expert medical practitioners. Each student undergoes Ophthalmic and Dental checkups along with the student’s pulse, BP and respiratory rate is checked. The nurse is proficient in not only giving out medical care but also provides psychological support. If needed, the arrangements will be done by the medical crew to call the parents or guardians to take kids home.


The Delhi World School has facilitated the best in class school transportation service, having in mind the safety and convenience of the students. Currently the school is having a good fleet of buses providing service to most of the neighborhoods in Hyderabad. As the bus ridership varies, the school adapts routes and we are having the expert drivers to drive your kids home safely. Every single school bus has a designated Bus Monitor tracking system to supervise the bus through the route. Bus Monitors make sure the student safety on board the bus, take attendance, and support in boarding and exiting.

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