• A time where the child’s mind is at an early learning state of between Nursery to Class 1.
  • Young minds form the foundation to build a dynamic personality for adulthood. 
  • Limited number of students in a class, every child receives personal attention. 
  • Unique teaching methods are used to make learning a fun interactive and engaging process.


  • The student is in between mischief & serious knowledge gaining age between Class 1 to Class 5.
  • Encourage a healthy competitive environment to initiate cognitive learning. 
  • Thematic collaboration of integrated education configured for effective learning. 
  • Improving and emphasising on conceptual understanding of detailed core subjects.


  • Students at this age are more mature & self-aware of their surroundings with rigid goals and strategies to achieve their dreams between Class 5 to Class 10.
  • Advancing the magnitude of intellectual curiosity by abiding by professional resources of education. 
  • Implementation of an effective & highly collaborative curriculum that helps in building future leaders. 
  • Understanding the foreseen competition and training students to their highest intellectual potential.