6 Parenting Tips to Empower Teens for a Well-Rounded Teenage Growth

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Raising teenagers is akin to a rollercoaster ride with its emotionally charged highs and lows. As parents, providing patient guidance and empathy becomes vital to see them through these turbulent years safely while building character. Acclaimed author and philanthropist Sudha Murty’s parenting journey and insights are an invaluable compass for families on this journey. 

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At Delhi World School, one of the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, we actively organize parenting workshops, counsellor sessions and discussions to equip families with practical tips and wisdom. Our child-centric approach mirrors Sudha Murty’s emphasis on communication, trust-building and nurturing passions.

1. Give Them Space to Find Their Voice

The pressure to conform and seek validation from peers is immense for teens today. Sudha Murty stresses the importance of giving adolescents the freedom to develop their interests independently without forcing parental views. Respect their uniqueness and create an environment where they can fearlessly express their opinions. This independence builds confidence in their voice.

Our school festivals, clubs and informal discussions are safe spaces for students to debate ideas freely without judgments. We train staff to actively listen rather than lecture teens. Their perspectives feel valued, which motivates them to hone their communication abilities.

2. Promote Reading to Enrich Their Worlds

An avid reader herself, Sudha Murty recommends developing a reading habit early on as it fires up imagination, curiosity and vocabulary. Beyond academics, maintain small libraries at home with novels, books on hobbies etc suited to their reading levels. Encourage them to review or discuss books with you to cement comprehension. 

At Delhi World School – profoundly known as the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, students access thousands of fiction/non-fiction works across genres via our state-of-the-art library. Our monthly reading challenges, book clubs and vocabulary-building contests promote reading among teens. Exposure to diverse literature thus widens their worldview significantly.

3. Lead by Example to Build Character

The virtue of leading by example as parents cannot be emphasized enough. Beyond just preaching values, model behaviour through your actions reflecting humility, hard work and integrity. This unconsciously moulds adolescent priorities and choices more than hours of advice ever could. 

By demonstrating acts like volunteering time for social causes as faculty and parents on school premises, we provide teens with tangible frameworks to embrace tenets of selflessness and community building early on.

4. Moderate Expectations to Avoid Burnout

As academic competition has intensified today, teens carry the unreal pressures of scoring perfectly across a mountain load of subjects while also being active on social media channels showcasing glamorous lives. The subsequent anxiety and dissatisfaction with self-worth need compassionate moderation from schools and families with balanced schedules, dedicated play time and open communication regarding stress.

At Delhi World School, we actively counsel both parents and students against overpacking daily timetables. Beyond grading performances, we mentor teens on managing anxieties, believing in one’s skills, handling failures etc through workshops, trust-based sharing circles and recess pep talks. Growth mindsets take centerstage over mere marks alone. 

5. Nurture Their Interests

Teenagers seek outlets to channel their creative energies and discover unique personalities. They choose to pursue individual interests through books, courses, competitions etc even if it doesn’t align with your preferences as parents. Equip them with resources but let self-learning direct the path organically.

At Delhi World School, we offer coding, robotics, arts, music, dramatics and varied sports beyond conventional academics via studios, interactive labs, and practice nets that students can utilize after-class hours to reveal passion areas. Mentorship guides them to purposefully harness these interests.

6. Listen Without Judgement

Influenced by peer behaviours, teenage years are emotionally vulnerable. The significance of parents are vital in being understanding, non-judgemental friends to confide worries without fear of consequences or critique. This builds trust and stronger bonds. 

Through open channel communications from parent-teacher meetings to one-on-one mentoring systems, we continually engage with students and families at Delhi World School
In conclusion, parenting teenagers can seem a daunting, chaotic journey without a compass amidst a digitally complicated world today. But the eternal values of Delhi World School embodied the power of communication, resilience and sparking curiosity to provide effective, durable principles to raise empowered teenagers. At the top CBSE school in Hyderabad, imbibing this wisdom forms the core of our CBSE curriculum and beyond academics nurturing for every student.
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