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Delhi World School is one of the few top International schools in Chintal, Quthbullapur that uses digital learning techniques. Delhi World School in Chintal excels in its academic endeavors by merging the right proportion of the co-curricular activities with core subjects, making it one of the leading schools in Kompally area.

The school has implemented an interdisciplinary curriculum, which focuses on the overall development of the students through specially designed programs and extracurricular activities.

The best-in-class infrastructure allows our students the luxury of choosing from an array of outdoor activities and sports. The incorporation of these co-scholastic activities within the curriculum helps develop a holistic personality within the child.

With these unique initiatives, we have shaped the future of thousands of students, and now we invite your child for an enriching learning experience at Delhi World School Chintal, Kompally.

Parents looking for schools near Suchitra, Alwal, Kompally, Bowenpally can visit our Delhi World School Chintal campus, which is well connected with these areas through our daily bus routes.
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Your gateway to a world-class education

As one of the top International schools in the Chintal area, we pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge digital learning techniques to enhance the educational experience for our students. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic development sets us apart as one of the leading schools in the Kompally region.

Academic Excellence and Digital Learning

Delhi World School in Chintal stands out as a top CBSE school near Chintal, Hyderabad, embracing digital learning techniques to enrich the educational journey. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to foster overall student development through specially crafted programs and extracurricular activities.

Infrastructure for Holistic Development

Our best-in-class infrastructure provides students with a diverse range of outdoor activities and sports. The integration of co-scholastic activities into the curriculum contributes to the development of a holistic personality in each child.

Top CBSE School Near Chintal

Delhi World School proudly holds the position as one of the Top 10 CBSE schools near Chintal. Our commitment to quality education and a well-rounded approach to learning has made us the best CBSE school in the Chintal area..

Admission Process in Best CBSE School

For parents seeking the best CBSE school in Chintal, we invite you to explore the enriching learning experience at Delhi World School. Our campus is conveniently located near Suchitra, Alwal, Kompally, and Bowenpally, with daily bus routes connecting these areas.

CBSE School Admissions Near Chintal

If you are searching for CBSE school admission near Chintal, Hyderabad, Delhi World School is your ideal choice. Our admission process is designed to provide comprehensive information, including fees and contact details. Secure your child's future by choosing Delhi World School for their academic journey.

Apply for admission now.

Join us in providing your child with a world-class education that blends academic excellence with holistic development.

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