Why Delhi World School is the Best CBSE School in Hyderabad – know its Modern Amenities for Holistic Learning

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Best CBSE School in Hyderabad

Delhi World School in Hyderabad, part of the Vidya Educational Society, has been providing the Best CBSE education. For over 30 years our experienced educators have focused on critical thinking, leadership, and personal growth to prepare students for success in higher studies and beyond. We emphasize both academics and extracurricular activities for a well-rounded education and provide career counselling in 10th grade.

Best CBSE School in Hyderabad

Delhi World School has a well-built infrastructure with modern amenities to ease the flow of education. Delhi World School has a huge campus sprawling across 1 acre with tech-enabled education facilities. The classrooms are well-ventilated and spacious with smart boards. The playground of Delhi World School is suitable and large enough for all sports facilities and games in a motivating environment. Furthermore, Delhi World School ensures a safe and secure environment with round-the-clock security.

Prime Amenities

Here are a few prime amenities offered by the school:

  • All classrooms are digitally equipped with projectors and are fully air-conditioned.
  • Individual lockers are provided in the classrooms to discourage the usage of heavy school bags.
  • Completely hygienic campus with lush greenery, gardens and clean washrooms.
  • RO-purified water coolers were installed on every floor.
  • Transport system with pick-up and drop facility within a 15 km radius of the school.
  • An infirmary is provided for students who are unwell and need to rest.
  • Fully equipped library to encourage reading for age-appropriate students.
  • Interactive math, science and computer labs have been set up so students can learn through practical application, not just in classrooms.
  • Interactive playgrounds, ball pools and skating have been installed to encourage play-way methods of learning for kindergarten students.
  • Web application and regular SMS alerts for parents to keep track of the student’s schedule, assignments and announcements in real-time.

Interactive, Tech-Enabled Classrooms

Our digitally equipped, air-conditioned classrooms feature interactive projectors. We provide individual lockers to minimize heavy bags. Our math, science and computer labs enable hands-on learning. We leverage technology for academic alerts, reducing paper use.

Interactive, Tech Enabled Classrooms

Health, Safety and Hygiene Assured

Our lush, green campus has purified water stations, clean washrooms and an infirmary. We provide safe, hygienic transport within a 15 km radius. CCTV security and attentive staff ensure student safety. As Hyderabad’s Best CBSE school, Delhi World School nurtures well-rounded students ready to excel.

Holistic Learning Tailored for Each Student

Our child-centric CBSE curriculum encourages independent thinking rather than rote learning. From the foundational stage to the preparatory stage, we foster holistic development in academics, sports, arts and life skills. Students gain confidence to excel in higher education and are equipped to face any challenge.

Sports, Arts and Activities for All Interests

Our playground encourages play-based learning. Students pursue sports, performing arts, visual arts and diverse extracurriculars tailored to develop creativity.

Fully Air-conditioned Digital Smart Classrooms

Our entire classroom infrastructure is centrally air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art interactive projectors, smart screens, and speakers for an integrated audiovisual learning experience. This enables teachers to employ modern teaching methodologies to make lessons stimulating.

Individual Lockers in Every Classroom  

Customized individual lockers are installed within each classroom for students to keep their essential books/stationery while minimizing the need to carry heavy bags with all textbooks to school each day. This prevents muscular strains in growing children from weighted rucksacks. Students simply pick what they need from personal lockers before each class.

Hygienic Greenery-laden CBSE Campus  

Our expansive campus is dotted with lush lawns, plants and trees creating refreshing green zones. Delhi World School maintenance staff and housekeeping crew implement rigorous cleanliness practices daily across classrooms, corridors, recreation areas, cafeterias, and well-maintained washrooms exceeding hygiene benchmarks. 

Water Purification Units Across Campus

Staying hydrated is vital while learning. Thus we have invested in state-of-the-art RO water purifiers cum mineral water dispensers from leading brands to be installed on each floor. These water stations provide students and staff access to cool, clean water.

15 Km Transportation Facility  

A reliable and safe transportation system makes commuting reliable for outstation students. We operate a fleet of buses with designated routes across key catchment areas within a 15 km radius of the school. Buses feature CCTV cameras, maintenance checks and female attendants. Additional private vans can be arranged too based on clusters forming. 

Transportation Facility

On-Campus Infirmary for Medical Care

The well-equipped infirmary houses a doctor and compounder on campus to handle any first aid or medical situations that students may face throughout the day efficiently. Common medicines are stocked along with provisions for allowing rest and recuperation for unwell students before calling parents. This minimizes overall risks.

Library Stocked with Age-specific Reads

The expansive, air-conditioned library maintains thousands of books tailored to reading levels across all grades along with visual charts, models, magazines and daily newspapers nourishing students’ minds beyond textbooks. Kindergartners access storybooks, the elementary level has educational/encyclopedic picks while higher grades can select novels, non-fiction etc suiting comprehension abilities. 

Interactive Laboratories Galore 

Rather than limiting science, math, physics and computing as theoretical didactic sessions alone, we have heavily invested in interactive laboratories with cutting-edge equipment. Students witness practical experiments, derive data-driven inferences, and build logic through coding thereby cementing textbook concepts learnt through hands-on analysis. 

Play Zones for Toddler Development 

For tiny tots in pre-primary foundational years, we create indoor play zones allowing them to learn concepts through educational toys, building blocks, ball pools, mock store counters etc making their formative foundation stronger via play rather than studious modes alone. Our playgrounds also have dedicated play equipment just for this age group.  

Parent Communication Apps & SMS  

We minimize paper waste by leveraging technology for proactive communication to parents on child performance, attendance, circulars etc via web apps and instant SMS keeping them apprised in real-time. Customized updates can be sent for every child if required. Additional details are available on request through Parent Portals too.


For over 30 years, Delhi World School has focused on nurturing well-rounded students ready to excel in higher studies and careers through critical thinking, leadership opportunities and personal growth. This Best CBSE School provides the perfect environment in Hyderabad for your child’s bright future via modern amenities and tech-enabled education tailored for academic and real-world success. Secure your child’s 2024-25 CBSE admissions today in Delhi World School for the best foundation years ahead!

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