The Team

“The best learning is through discovery and experience”

At DWS, we strongly believe that our students love to learn and prosper when challenged. To best challenge them, our complete faculty spends time in knowing the students. As one of the prominent International Schools in Hyderabad, we always strive to understand the little ones not only as learners but also as individuals. Our staff identifies the students’ academic strengths as well as their areas of growth. We understand the interests and passions of the students and we make use of this understanding to personalize the learning experience of the young minds.

Our teachers are always in search of a deeper understanding of their students. They progress new techniques, tools, and tactics all the while and keep on upgrading them. So, our faculty can engage students better in meaningful learning experiences. As one of the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, we believe that everybody has the potential for growth and challenges both the students and teachers alike. It also enables both to learn about themselves and their part in the world.

Two-thirds of our internationally trained and well-experienced faculties hold major university degrees. On-going proficient development of our faculty is a keystone of our educational philosophy. Students and Teachers work together not only in the classroom, but also on the athletic field and stage, in student clubs, and thru other external classroom activities.

As one of the Top Schools in Hyderabad, our school building was built by keeping in mind the ventilation in every classroom. Broad staircases, wide corridors, and spacious classrooms are some of the main features of the building which makes it safe and simple to access. Sufficient wash area, drinking water facility on each floor helps students to return their classes faster. To support the process of learning we have a soundproof auditorium, an AV room, and two resource centers for teachers, a sports field, a cellar to facilitate physical fitness and indoor games, a laboratory to enhance the scientific temperament and an art gallery to exhibit the creative flair of the students.

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