Educational Philosophy

The school, an association of traditional and modern systems of learning, deals in education that is modernized and relevant to our times. It engrosses what is relevant from the ever changing world by inculcating the understanding that expertise acquired without a proper system, may not be useful. It features a receptive teaching that instills discipline with gratitude of the value of freedom amid the students. With the precise synthesis of ethics and modern age demands in shaping the future of every child is what exactly made DWS now. Excellence in addition with experience is what actually makes a perfect Educational System. With a great education philosophy, we have built our DWS School on four major pillars that pave the best way in blooming the careers of your little ones

  • Academics

    As one of the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, our academic curriculum has been so framed, that every individual child is the core of the whole program. An atmosphere of relaxed, highly equipped and the relationship between the children and the teachers pervade the classroom. The children are fortified to get tangled in the exciting quest of learning experience through discussion, analysis, and experimentation. We make you push the boundaries of learning, making new knowledge and understanding for an ever-changing world.

  • Life Skills & Sports

    Life Skills is an essential part of school curriculum. We aim to enhance the young minds to learn how to think and self-control emotions. Being one of the Top Schools in Hyderabad, we go beyond the limitations of narrow learning and intended for the crucial learning outcomes for personal development, professional success, and responsible citizenship.To make sure our students to enjoy the complete experience of physical activity, we offer a big choice of sports and games as well as qualified teaching faculty.

  • Technology

    As one of the leading International Schools in Hyderabad, we have set an atmosphere that inspires a student to learn and explore. The whole campus is built in a modern fashion, with hi-tech imparting centers, an up-to-date library, activity rooms, smart classes, and various designated places for sports and cultural activities. The complete environment delivers the students a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to understand what it exactly means to be a global citizen. The school infrastructure is well-designed and frequently updated to ensure that students are in touch with the newest technologies, information, and amenities.

  • Values

    Respect for Others

    Healthy Lifestyle




    Self Discipline

    Social Services

    Commitment to Family

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